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The Positive Perspective


The Positive Perspective, also known as influencing your partner, is the fourth principle in the Gottman Method.  What exactly does Gottman mean by influencing your partner?  It means that when you are facing a personal problem or your relationship encounters a problem, you honor and respect your partner’s opinions and feelings about the [...]

The Positive Perspective2022-05-24T14:13:11-04:00

Anxiety Tricks of the Trade


I often am asked for anxiety tricks of the trade to make anxiety go away or reduce in its impact.  While there is no magic pill (not even Xanax) that will prevent anxiety, there are some simple strategies that can lessen the length and strength of anxiety symptoms.  First it is important to [...]

Anxiety Tricks of the Trade2021-11-23T18:53:49-05:00

Focusing on the mirror


I often hear clients talk about feeling disappointed or embarrassed by not being able to do something they were once able to do. For example, plane travel was once a breeze, but now you feel crippling anxiety when you board a flight and long trips are out of the question. Or maybe you [...]

Focusing on the mirror2022-05-24T14:15:06-04:00

Self Care After Trauma: Part 3


Self-care after trauma is an absolute necessity.  Just like a car without any gas in its tank; we cannot run on empty. Not only is self-care necessary for you, but it is necessary for those around you as well. We are more energetic, compassionate, patient, loving, and connected to others when our tank [...]

Self Care After Trauma: Part 32022-12-13T14:24:54-05:00

Self Care After Trauma: Part 2


When we are more mindful about taking care of ourselves and our bodies, it creates a ripple effect of positive change.  Additionally, it can help us re-train our brain to accept the love and kindness that we deserve.  Engaging in self-care after trauma allows you to experience the things that you were denied [...]

Self Care After Trauma: Part 22022-12-13T14:23:44-05:00
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