Back to School Volume 6

What makes decisions so difficult?

Sometimes making decisions can be hard. However, are we able to increase our ability to make them? Absolutely!  First, let’s learn the types of decisions we make?

→Strategic: Long-term, high-level decisions that can determine a direction or course of action and require a lot of planning.
→Tactical: These types translate strategic decisions into action, focusing on how and why work gets done.
→Operational: Daily, routine decisions that put strategic and tactical goals into practice.

Second, what stops us from making decisions? For instance, knowing what our barriers are can make it easier to tackle them. Consider:

When we are lacking the necessary information to make a decision, it can make us seem indecisive. Therefore, know the facts!

When we are not open to taking some risk, we run into indecision.  For instance, planning ahead can reduce the impact of risk and insure a more anticipated outcome.

Allowing bias to cloud your judgement can lead to poor outcomes. However, while it is healthy to ask others for advice; make sure you are sticking with your values in order to make the best decisions.

Making the decision

Now, let’s get into how to make decisions. There is a basic 7 Step Decision Making Model:

Investigate the situation in detail. Make sure you know what is involved, who will be involved and what you will need to be successful.

Create a constructive environment. Thinking you are going to fail could like likely lead to it.  Therefore, focus on what can go right to guide you toward solutions.

Generate good alternatives. Sometimes we get stuck thinking about only one outcome.  For instance, sometimes there are others nearby that can be just as good.

Explore “best case”, “worst case”, “average”, etc.  Make sure you will recognize it when it occurs.

Select the best solution.  It doesn’t have to be the “only one” or the “right one”.  If you have explored options and considered outcomes, selection should be narrow enough to feel good about making a decision.

Evaluate your plan by considering things you can and cannot control and how you will handle these possibilities.

Communicate your decision and take action! Sometimes this is the scariest part.  Letting others in on your decisions can gain you support and who doesn’t love a good cheerleader?

That’s a wrap for our 6 week Back to School Group but don’t fret, the group will be returning! There will be a Back to School refresher group in early January 2024, stay tuned for dates and times.

Alex Young, Intern

Alex Young is a Graduate Student Intern with the Mindly Group studying Mental Health Counseling. If you are interested in joining this group or want to learn more about Alex click here.