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Navigate your Mental Health during COVID


Navigate Your Mental Health During COVID Global considerations for how to navigate your mental health during COVID has ranged from seeing this virus as an inconvenience to how it will impact an individual directly including exposure, finances, and seeing family/friends. Difficulties specific to counseling surround acceptance in meeting online versus in person. [...]

Navigate your Mental Health during COVID2021-06-14T19:29:10-04:00

Changing our focus in the new normal


As I continue to manage my personal experiences during this current pandemic situation, I realize I have been marking time by what toiletry I needed to replace.  This week feels like number 457 as toothpaste and body wash mark off another one.  I felt like I had hit a wall when I was [...]

Changing our focus in the new normal2021-11-23T19:03:09-05:00

Mindfulness Bingo


Mindfulness practice is geared toward becoming more aware of yourself and your environment.  The goal is to notice your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in a nonjudgmental way. Ever wonder how to get started using mindfulness?  Sometimes the simplest ideas can  be the best.  Mindfulness is a learned tool and therefore needs [...]

Mindfulness Bingo2022-05-24T14:55:46-04:00

Social Distancing Boredom


Are you feeling like you have social distancing boredom?  Social distancing can leave us feeling like we have few opportunities to entertain ourselves. We are social creatures and finding ways to engage in healthy activities alone can be challenging.  While it is important to get to know ourselves better and be [...]

Social Distancing Boredom2021-11-23T18:49:16-05:00

How do you cope when the world is in crisis?


In the current climate it seems like everything is putting panic at the forefront of our mind.  Statistics, charts, speeches, websites, etc. are rampant with information and it is difficult to know who to believe.  While it is important to make sure your information is accurate before you share, or rely on it [...]

How do you cope when the world is in crisis?2021-11-23T18:47:51-05:00
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