Beating boredom while social distancing

Are you feeling like you have social distancing boredom?  Social distancing can leave us feeling like we have few opportunities to entertain ourselves. We are social creatures and finding ways to engage in healthy activities alone can be challenging.  While it is important to get to know ourselves better and be comfortable with the silence; it can prove challenging to find ways to do this that are helpful.  Below are some adaptive ideas to engage in to help us manage our moods and feel proactive in maintaining our mental health.


Healthy ways to beat social distance boredom

  1. Dress up – when is the last time you had ample time to go through your closet and find your favorites from the past.
  2. Play board games – undoubtedly some of us have been trying this one out. Think old school: Checkers, chess, backgammon, poker, Trivial Pursuit, dominoes.
  3. Have a snack mindfully –notice your experience through all your senses.
  4. Appreciate a favorite actor or act yourself – find all the movies that your favorite has been in and stream these for a new look at some old favorites. Create your own video of your acting talents.
  5. Read – most of us are great at watching. Quite a few libraries are opening up their shelves for you to download your favorite movie that started as a book.
  6. Star gaze and find constellations. You can also learn about visiting space with The Kennedy Space Center
  7. Read about animals or visit the zoo virtually.
  8. Appreciate the arts or create your own
  9. Play a game in your backyard – toss a ball, toss a Frisbee, create a game of tag, hopscotch…..
  10. Redecorate or rearrange your room/house – what a great time to change things up.
  11. Join a group online
  12. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while – they would love to hear from you and catch up the old-fashioned way.
  13. Make crafts – most of us have supplies laying around, so get creative
  14. Shoot basketball in your driveway. Play foursquare.
  15. Take a bath – be mindful about your experience and use all your senses to enjoy and relax.
  16. Rap, sing, karaoke, dance like no one is watching. For something new The Metropolitan Opera is streaming free
  17. Practice breathing mindfully – find out what all the hype is about taking a breath to calm you down.
  18. Write a short story. Create a poem. Write a limerick. For a real challenge make a haiku.
  19. Bicycle – keep social distancing in mind, but head out to a park and ride on.
  20. Feed or watch birds in your yard.
  21. Blog or visit blogs about something of interest.
  22. Bake a cake and decorate it.
  23. Learn calligraphy
  24. Camp in your background – get out the tent and lanterns. Fire up the grill or fire pit to make s’mores.
  25. Take a nap – getting enough sleep can make life look a whole lot better.
  26. Go to church – online
  27. Watch the clouds
  28. Look at artworks online –
  29. Compose music or lyrics
  30. Cook something new
  31. Cross stitch, needlepoint, knit. Mend your clothes.
  32. Do a crossword puzzle
  33. Daydream
  34. Learn to juggle
  35. Learn with your child –
  36. Exercise – Try yoga for free
  37. Watch something new – Playbill is offering Broadway shows online for free
  38. Tell a joke and laugh
  39. Paint something
  40. Garden – plant for tomorrow
  41. Keep a dream journal
  42. Hug a family member
  43. Be intimate with a loved one
  44. Do genealogy
  45. Walk your dog
  46. Practice your putting
  47. Give yourself a facial
  48. Paint a picture or finger paint
  49. Watch funny YouTube videos
  50. Light a candle and enjoy the smell
  51. Teach someone how to play a video game you enjoy
  52. Scrapbook
  53. Write a letter to someone
  54. Hike a trail, go on a walk in a park
  55. Do a home repair you have been putting off
  56. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air
  57. Write a thank you letter
  58. Put a jigsaw puzzle together
  59. Build a fort with your kids
  60. Learn to juggle
  61. Say a prayer
  62. Learn a foreign language
  63. Color with your kids or without them
  64. Smile at someone
  65. Be affectionate
  66. Learn a magic trick
  67. Meditate
  68. Teach a child something
  69. Lie in the grass
  70. Learn origami
  71. Clean out a closet and gather unneeded items for donation
  72. Email or video chat with your friends and family
  73. Water your plants
  74. Make a collage
  75. Paint your nails
  76. Give your pet a bath
  77. Watch the sunrise or sunset
Stephanie Phillips, LCMHC

Stephanie Phillips, LCMHCS, NCC, CCTP
Psychotherapist & Owner
The Mindly Group, PLLC