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Do You Speak My Love Language?


Every couple wants to be happy with their partner. When they initially got together they intended to make each other happy, and hoped that it would be reciprocated. Many partners feel they have sincerely tried, but have been unsuccessful, and don’t know what else to do. Some blame their partner, and others blame [...]

Do You Speak My Love Language?2021-06-14T19:16:02-04:00

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?


Teenagers are complicated. They get moody and shift between emotions quickly and often without warning. It’s part of their biological makeup and development. As hormones are running laps around their bodies, their emotions can cause some hurdles along the way.  Below are some things you can do to help your moody teen when [...]

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?2021-11-23T19:05:57-05:00

Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick


The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection and resolution setting, right?  More than half of New Year’s resolutions fail.  Sometimes we are over achievers.  Sometimes we don’t know what change can really look like when it arrives.  Keep reading below for information on how making new year's resolutions stick [...]

Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick2021-11-23T19:10:10-05:00

Using Our Phones for Good…Mental Health


Today's advancing technology can make using your phone for good mental health a good choice.  Your phone can offer a variety of options for tackling and managing symptoms.   You can get great feedback about frequency, intensity, and impact of symptoms; which can make it easier for you and your therapist to make a [...]

Using Our Phones for Good…Mental Health2021-06-14T19:08:25-04:00

Teens and Relationships


What makes a good friend?...what they look like?...their fashion sense? they act? well they can keep a secret?  We often find good friends when we are looking for people who have what we NEED not necessarily what we think we want.  Teens and relationships often get complicated and difficult to navigate. LEARN MORE [...]

Teens and Relationships2021-06-14T18:49:00-04:00
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