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Adult Mental Health

Trending topics in the management of positive mental health in adults.

Solve Your Solvable Problems


"It stands to reason that when a husband and wife respect each other and are open to each other's point of view, they have a good basis for resolving any differences that arise", according to Gottman.  If this sounds like you and your partner, you have the foundation necessary to begin approaching conflict [...]

Solve Your Solvable Problems2023-06-21T13:17:06-04:00

How can Anxiety Work for you?


Anxiety is in our bodies.  How we interpret our state of mind reflects how we view the world and will make our way through it.  We often create a bias about anxiety which can lead us to negative thinking.  Ever wonder why you view some things as opportunities and some things as problems? [...]

How can Anxiety Work for you?2021-11-01T18:29:22-04:00

Types of Marital Conflict


There are two types of marital conflict in relationships: perpetual problems and solvable problems.  Perpetual problems are disagreements that will be a part of your lives forever in some form or another.  Whereas solvable problems can be resolved.  The key is to identify which conflicts fall into which category. Learn More About [...]

Types of Marital Conflict2022-12-13T14:30:52-05:00

The Four Horsemen in Troubled Relationships


“One of the saddest reasons an intimate relationship dies is that neither partner recognizes its value until it is too late… is taken for granted rather than given the nurturing and respect it deserves and desperately needs” (Gottman).   How can you tell if you are on the road to separation?  Gottman states he [...]

The Four Horsemen in Troubled Relationships2022-12-13T14:31:37-05:00

How do you plan a wedding in a pandemic


Since March of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has left many couples feeling anxious and uncertain about their wedding plans. In the beginning, we saw many people being forced to cancel or postpone weddings they had spent months or even years planning. As if planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough. Now couples continue to [...]

How do you plan a wedding in a pandemic2022-12-13T14:26:08-05:00
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