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Diagnosis..traits tendencies & trends

Diagnosis…Traits, Tendencies & Trends

Diagnosis..traits, tendencies & trends are often misconstrued. I have gotten a lot of questions recently from people questioning if they have a mental health diagnosis.  They indicate spending time looking on social media (Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.) where people are posting tools to assess or provide personal experiences they can relate to as evidence for a particular diagnosis.  It is important to know your source.  These people who are sharing their information may make it feel familiar, but remember that diagnosis is a compilation of consistent symptoms over a significant period of time.  Feeling sad a couple of days out of a month is not depression.  Having an emotional “meltdown” is not Borderline.  Being impulsive is not Bipolar.

Stephanie Phillips, LCMHCS, NCC, CCTP

Stephanie Phillips is a counselor, psychotherapist and owner with the Mindly Group, PLLC.

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