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Self Care After Trauma: Part 3


Self-care after trauma is an absolute necessity.  Just like a car without any gas in its tank; we cannot run on empty. Not only is self-care necessary for you, but it is necessary for those around you as well. We are more energetic, compassionate, patient, loving, and connected to others when our tank [...]

Self Care After Trauma: Part 32022-12-13T14:24:54-05:00

Self Care After Trauma: Part 2


When we are more mindful about taking care of ourselves and our bodies, it creates a ripple effect of positive change.  Additionally, it can help us re-train our brain to accept the love and kindness that we deserve.  Engaging in self-care after trauma allows you to experience the things that you were denied [...]

Self Care After Trauma: Part 22022-12-13T14:23:44-05:00

Self Care After Trauma: Part 1


What do you think of when you hear the term self-care? Is it a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine? Maybe it’s a cozy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book; or even getting out of the house for a quick walk. While all of these can be [...]

Self Care After Trauma: Part 12022-12-13T14:22:26-05:00

Prioritizing Your Mental & Physical Health


Stephanie Phillips, LCMHC, NCC, CCTP was the featured guest for Brunch with BBB podcast discussing “Prioritizing Your Mental Health in 2021”.   This is a return engagement for Stephanie.   Her original podcast was considered so impactful, it still continues to be the most listened to podcast of all the [...]

Prioritizing Your Mental & Physical Health2024-04-18T16:26:46-04:00

What to do over the holidays


It seems like we have all been adjusting to things this year.  From online work, school, and social encounters; it has been challenging to find ways to keep ourselves up to date and connected and it can be difficult to figure out what to do over the holidays.  This holiday season will likely [...]

What to do over the holidays2021-06-14T19:32:06-04:00
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