Stephanie Phillips, LCMHCS
Prioritizing Your Mental & Physical Health

Stephanie Phillips, LCMHC, NCC, CCTP was the featured guest for Brunch with BBB podcast discussing “Prioritizing Your Mental Health in 2021”.   This is a return engagement for Stephanie.   Her original podcast was considered so impactful, it still continues to be the most listened to podcast of all the Brunch with BBB episodes.  Continue reading for a transcript of the podcast.

BBB: Welcome to Brunch with BBB. If you’ve been tuning into this series, you know that we are talking about being consumer conscious.   In 2020 we challenged our listeners to be more intentional in the new year, so being consumer conscious means being more intentional in your role as a consumer – caring where your food or clothing comes from, being mindful of your mental and physical health which is what we’re going to talk about today.  Our guests today are:

  • Pantea Dougani, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Excel Body Fitness
  • Stephanie Phillips, Psychotherapist & Owner of The Mindly Group

BBB: Given the year that we lived (2020) What’s the biggest surprise you’ve seen in the last few months in regards to physical health and why? What’s the biggest surprise you’ve seen in the last few months in regards to mental health and why does it surprise you?

Stephanie:   I think the biggest surprise is how it has opened up people to consider re evaluating their priorities and making change.  People who would not consider counseling are doing so now and making positive changes.

BBB: How have you seen COVID-19 impact physical health and where do you see it going in 2021?

Stephanie:  I think we have been failing to recognize the impact our bodies have on our wellness…physical and mental.  We took for granted the ability to go out and engage in the world and to walk our way to better stability in our mental health.  Walking is proven to help regulate our cortisol levels (which trigger our stress responses) and when we don’t do this regularly, we keep those levels high which causes us to over react to situations and people.  I hope people are ready to get themselves back on track with taking care of their minds and bodies.  Businesses have done great work in pivoting to accommodate peoples needs.  Like our group, for example, offering telehealth services so you don’t have any excuse to delay getting started.

BBB:   Stephanie, how can you overcome the psychological scars that 2020 left on us?

Stephanie:  I think through acceptance that we all are going through this together…its not something happening way across the ocean that is “sad” or “scary”. It is happening right here and relating is what people do best to form empathy and connection.  When we talk about things together, we lessen the impact that trauma has on our bodies and minds.

BBB: I heard that sleep and having a green space are things that can help mental health. Mental health and Physical Health both play a big role in a person. What tips do you have for us to maintain a healthy balance and not let one take over?

Stephanie: Sleep is a powerful tool our bodies have to keep us running smoothly, like our cars.  Our bodies work best when we use all of our parts.  From physical exercise, to mental skills work, to emotional connections, we work best when we don’t leave anything behind to gather dust.  It is important to look at our overall functioning to see if there could be a factor that we have neglected when we think we may be at risk for being out of alignment.

BBB:  Tell us where listeners can learn more about Mental Health and how our listeners stay in the loop on what you do?

Stephanie:  There are quite a few places on the web to view mental health concerns including NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) should you be concerned about your mental stability. For example they are offering a free workshop on starting 2021 positive. We also have resources on our website for apps you can use to manage your mood and emotional well being.  One of our blogs lists how we can use our phone for good mental health.

BBB: If you could share one piece of advice or knowledge with business owners and consumers, what would it be?

Stephanie:  Be compassionate.  We all want things to move toward safety and the ability to participate in all phases of our lives without constraint.  It will happen, and right now we need to recognize that being angry about it, will not change it.  Acceptance and problem solving are tools used by the wise and afford the opportunity to be happy despite things we cannot control….while anger and blame are tools used by those who do little to make change happen and are often the first to claim their discomfort. Like the car metaphor used earlier….optimists are enjoying the ride and listening to music…while pessimists are stuck in traffic and focused on being late. It’s all about perspective.