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How to make the best choices


When faced with limits, we must make our choices wisely.  Choose poorly and you can be left with something that seemed necessary but does not provide you with what you need.  Weighing the benefits of immediate gratification versus long term usefulness can help make more informed decisions and ultimately more long term satisfaction. [...]

How to make the best choices2021-11-23T16:49:28-05:00

What Makes Counseling Work?


I often get calls from potential clients who ask what my “style” is or “method” of counseling.  They ask what “type of issues” I have experience treating in order to determine if I can help them or a family member.  While it can be reassuring to feel like a potential therapist might have [...]

What Makes Counseling Work?2021-09-21T17:05:37-04:00
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