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What to do over the holidays

It seems like we have all been adjusting to things this year.  From online work, school, and social encounters; it has been challenging to find ways to keep ourselves up to date and connected and it can be difficult to figure out what to do over the holidays.  This holiday season will likely continue to be in need of creativity regarding getting into the spirit and making it feel special.  Below are some suggestions for helping us get started and keeping our Grinch at bay.

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  • Get some sleep – it is important to all our functioning to maintain a schedule and include adequate time to recharge.  Consider keeping it consistent and not staying up too late or waking up too early as it will likely make it difficult to return to your traditional times later.

  • Keep active – as the weather gets colder, it can be difficult to convince yourself to go outside and get some exercise.  Consider alternatives such as walking in a shopping mall. Leave your wallet in the car and do some laps while you window shop.  Youtube and Tik Tok have great videos from subscribers on how to keep active in your home and participation is always welcome.

  • Manage your expectations – It will not be the same, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  Plan for gatherings that maintain safety guidelines or put everyone online and enjoy the same time together.

  • Write holiday cards – it seems we have lost the fun in getting mail.  A handwritten message can be very memorable and be a special way to connect.  Consider having your children create their own cards from blank paper with your message included inside.

  • Reach out – it is important to contact via phone/video to members you would likely see during holiday times.  Make it a point to connect to catch up.

  • Neighborhood cookie swap – Most everyone loves a good sweet during the holidays. Arrange to make a favorite recipe to share with neighbors and receive the same in kind.

  • Secret Santa – create a list with co-workers, friends, family. Chose a spending limit and be creative. You can inbox a gift card, or mail an item or drop off something at their door.

  • Read a holiday story online – missing your younger family members.  Set up a time to read a favorite story online. Consider recording the event for those who were not available.

  • Reverse advent – Consider daily giving by putting 1 thing in a donation box each day for 30 days and donate to a local food pantry at the end.

  • Get crafty – create holiday ornaments for the birds. Hang them in trees where you can watch them.

  • Send a letter to someone in the armed services who will not be home for the holidays.

  • Go old school – make paper snowflakes to hang in your windows. Kids love to be creative and doing things together builds memories.

  • Drive to see holiday lights – you  can search your local listings to find where people really put on a show or drive through neighborhoods near you to see how everyone is representing their holiday spirit.

Stephanie Phillips LCMHC

Stephanie Phillips, LCMHCS, NCC, CCTP
Psychotherapist & Owner
The Mindly Group, PLLC

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