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Do You Speak My Love Language?


Every couple wants to be happy with their partner. When they initially got together they intended to make each other happy, and hoped that it would be reciprocated. Many partners feel they have sincerely tried, but have been unsuccessful, and don’t know what else to do. Some blame their partner, and others blame [...]

Do You Speak My Love Language?2021-06-14T19:16:02-04:00

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?


Teenagers are complicated. They get moody and shift between emotions quickly and often without warning. It’s part of their biological makeup and development. As hormones are running laps around their bodies, their emotions can cause some hurdles along the way.  Below are some things you can do to help your moody teen when [...]

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?2021-11-23T19:05:57-05:00

What Do You Think I Said?


Teen communication involves more than words and is not all we communicate when we talk.  It can be frustrating to get someone to understand us; especially when we think we are being very clear.  It is important that we communicate accurately to get what we really want. LEARN MORE ABOUT COMMUNICATING [...]

What Do You Think I Said?2021-11-23T16:51:26-05:00
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