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Depression or Grief?


The distinction between depression and grief may seem ambiguous. That’s because often the symptoms mirror each other. Symptoms such as: Lack of motivation Sadness Low energy Difficulty concentrating Hopelessness Irritability and anger Avoiding social situations Some statements people make even sound similar: “I don’t want to go on” or “I just want to be [...]

Depression or Grief?2021-07-18T12:44:48-04:00

Mental Health Warning Signs in Children


There are times, as parents, when we question if something is "normal" or a "phase.  It is important to have information that can help you determine if there is a cause for concern and the need to seek treatment.  The mental health warning signs in children can vary, but will often be some form [...]

Mental Health Warning Signs in Children2023-06-21T11:48:56-04:00

How Can I Help My Depressed Child?


Have you wondered "how can I help my depressed child?"  Depression is a condition that can affect a child’s ability to connect with friends and family, enjoy normal daily activities, attend and concentrate in school, and enjoy childhood. Proper diagnosis and a treatment plan with a licensed therapist is a good start; but [...]

How Can I Help My Depressed Child?2021-07-18T13:42:54-04:00

Using Our Phones for Good…Mental Health


Today's advancing technology can make using your phone for good mental health a good choice.  Your phone can offer a variety of options for tackling and managing symptoms.   You can get great feedback about frequency, intensity, and impact of symptoms; which can make it easier for you and your therapist to make a [...]

Using Our Phones for Good…Mental Health2021-06-14T19:08:25-04:00

What Makes Counseling Work?


I often get calls from potential clients who ask what my “style” is or “method” of counseling.  They ask what “type of issues” I have experience treating in order to determine if I can help them or a family member.  While it can be reassuring to feel like a potential therapist might have [...]

What Makes Counseling Work?2021-09-21T17:05:37-04:00
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