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coping skills

How do you cope when the world is in crisis?


In the current climate it seems like everything is putting panic at the forefront of our mind.  Statistics, charts, speeches, websites, etc. are rampant with information and it is difficult to know who to believe.  While it is important to make sure your information is accurate before you share, or rely on it [...]

How do you cope when the world is in crisis?2021-11-23T18:47:51-05:00

Depression or Grief?


The distinction between depression and grief may seem ambiguous. That’s because often the symptoms mirror each other. Symptoms such as: Lack of motivation Sadness Low energy Difficulty concentrating Hopelessness Irritability and anger Avoiding social situations Some statements people make even sound similar: “I don’t want to go on” or “I just want to be [...]

Depression or Grief?2021-07-18T12:44:48-04:00

Getting Started With Mindfulness


Mindfulness is not obscure or exotic. It’s familiar to us because it’s what we already do. Mindfulness is not something new. We already have the capacity to be present, so no big changes to who we are. We can cultivate these innate qualities with simple practices that are scientifically demonstrated to benefit [...]

Getting Started With Mindfulness2021-07-23T18:10:46-04:00

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?


Teenagers are complicated. They get moody and shift between emotions quickly and often without warning. It’s part of their biological makeup and development. As hormones are running laps around their bodies, their emotions can cause some hurdles along the way.  Below are some things you can do to help your moody teen when [...]

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?2021-11-23T19:05:57-05:00
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