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Are you becoming COV angry?


While working with clients this week managing technology, paperwork and sessions, I have noticed quite a few times that I have gotten more irritable with the process.  I forget that doing something new takes practice; and while I feel like I may be moderately tech savvy, I need to remind myself [...]

Are you becoming COV angry?2021-11-23T16:41:11-05:00

Do You Feel at War With Yourself?


Do you feel at war with yourself?… as if different pieces of you disagreed and were stirring up trouble. Or maybe you’ve noticed you act or feel differently depending on the people or environment you encounter. According to the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), those inner battles and differences are influenced by “parts.” In [...]

Do You Feel at War With Yourself?2024-04-23T18:37:53-04:00

Mental Health Warning Signs in Children


There are times, as parents, when we question if something is "normal" or a "phase.  It is important to have information that can help you determine if there is a cause for concern and the need to seek treatment.  The mental health warning signs in children can vary, but will often be some form [...]

Mental Health Warning Signs in Children2023-06-21T11:48:56-04:00

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?


Teenagers are complicated. They get moody and shift between emotions quickly and often without warning. It’s part of their biological makeup and development. As hormones are running laps around their bodies, their emotions can cause some hurdles along the way.  Below are some things you can do to help your moody teen when [...]

My Moody Teen. What’s a Parent to Do?2021-11-23T19:05:57-05:00

What Makes Counseling Work?


I often get calls from potential clients who ask what my “style” is or “method” of counseling.  They ask what “type of issues” I have experience treating in order to determine if I can help them or a family member.  While it can be reassuring to feel like a potential therapist might have [...]

What Makes Counseling Work?2021-09-21T17:05:37-04:00
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