Communication tips can be helpful in getting to get to know those around you when developing relationships.  Discovering differences can be just as informative as finding out our similarities.  You might find that something you felt was oddly unique to you will end up creating a new relationship.


Positive self talk

Why is it that our default is to think negatively about ourselves?  We aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, tall enough, etc?  Well, enough!  Focusing on what we are is helpful to build self-confidence and guide us to develop additional skills.  Think about “who I am” “what I can” and “what I will” as a communication tip to empower us forward.

The variety of our emotions

It is easier to label feelings by something we can all relate to like “anger”, “sadness” or “happiness”.  Unfortunately, this means that everyone probably responds to you in the same way.  Being able to label your feelings more accurately can help to change someone’s response entirely and hopefully get you more of what you were expecting.  Check out the feelings wheel to improve your emotional vocabulary.

Boiling Points

It is difficult to find solutions to your anger unless you determine what triggers it.  Identifying situations, comments or events that bring up large amounts of emotion can be helpful a helpful communication tip for managing your responses by allowing you to plan ahead and put skills in place to help you get back in control.

Blame Game

Often we accuse others of making us angry or sad.  Our emotions are our own.  We choose how we respond; and acceptance of this allows us the freedom to choose differently.

Stephanie Phillips, LCMHC

Stephanie Phillips, LCHMCS, NCC, CCTP
Psychotherapist & Owner
The Mindly Group, PLLC