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Back to School Volume 6


Back to School Volume 6 Decisions Sometimes making decisions can be hard. Are we able to increase our ability to make them? Absolutely!  First, let’s learn the types of decisions we make?→Strategic: Long-term, high-level decisions that can determine a direction or course of action and require a lot of planning.→Tactical: These types translate strategic decisions [...]

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Back to School Volume 5


Back to School Volume 5 Motivation “Ugh, I do not have the motivation to do my chores today!” I’m sure all of us have said this before, but what is motivation and is there a way to increase it? Let’s chat.  Motivation is the force that energizes us to act on our [...]

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Back to School Volume 4


Back to School Volume 4 Values & Boundaries Relationships can be really tricky! There are an enormous amount of factors to consider; however, we are going to focus on two of the bigger ones: values and boundaries. Our values are based on what is important to us. These are things that align [...]

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Back to School Volume 3


Back to School Volume 3 Things to Do Does your “Thing’s To Do” list seems to just keep getting longer and longer? It seems impossible to finish all of the tasks and it starts to become overwhelming. It’s not always easy, but managing your time can help with having an overwhelming to [...]

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Back to School Volume 2


Back to School Volume 2 Self Esteem Self-Esteem is not just how we value ourselves, it also is how much we trust ourselves. Our self-esteem is based on beliefs about ourselves. If we learn not to be confident in ourselves, there can be negative consequences to our mental health.  How can a [...]

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