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Gregory Linares

Focusing on the mirror


I often hear clients talk about feeling disappointed or embarrassed by not being able to do something they were once able to do. For example, plane travel was once a breeze, but now you feel crippling anxiety when you board a flight and long trips are out of the question. Or maybe you [...]

Focusing on the mirror2022-05-24T14:15:06-04:00

Therapy Together During a Pandemic


Relational Therapy During a Pandemic During these unprecedented times, we’re spending more time with our families and loved ones than ever before.  This can be a great opportunity to bond and improve relationships but on the flip side, it can bring to the surface struggles in our relationships.  Relational therapy is a proven [...]

Therapy Together During a Pandemic2022-12-13T15:12:33-05:00

Do You Feel at War With Yourself?


Do you feel at war with yourself?… as if different pieces of you disagreed and were stirring up trouble. Or maybe you’ve noticed you act or feel differently depending on the people or environment you encounter. According to the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), those inner battles and differences are influenced by “parts.” In [...]

Do You Feel at War With Yourself?2024-04-23T18:37:53-04:00
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